Forever is a groundbreaking new VR work by artist Alex Peckham, due to premiere at Brighton Digital Festival 2018.

Inspired by the work of artists such as Paul Nash and Arnold Böcklin, Forever reawakens surrealism and symbolism to explore classic themes of memory, nostalgia, desire and loss. Using a combination of virtually rendered environments, real-world photography and video, the artist has painstakingly recreated locations from his own home and combined these with fantastical and surreal elements to produce a truly unique dreamlike experience.


Forever is free to attend and is hosted by Phoenix BrightonForever opens for preview on 13 September from 6pm to 9pm — there will be no bookings on this evening and the work will be offered on an ad-hoc basis. Following this Forever will be open 14 - 17 September inclusive, from 11am to 5pm. A limited number of people can view the work at the same time and so although the event is free, you are encouraged to book.

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Alex Peckham - Artist

Lauren Keith - 3D Artist

Eve Flitman - Marketing Lead

Jo Dimbleby - Production Assistant

Oscar Maydon - Production Assistant

Rebecca Archer - Production Assistant


A big thank you to Karin, Sarah, Belinda, Gabby, Peter and all the staff at Phoenix Brighton for all their help in hosting Forever. Thanks to Laurence and everyone at Brighton Digital Festival for all their hard work in organising the festival. Thanks to Kas from The Rose Hill for supporting the project and to Simon Wilkinson for his advice and support. A huge thank you to Arts Council England for making this work possible and lastly a huge thank you to everyone who has supported my work!